Birthday Weekend

My mom's birthday is May 11th. Mine is May 13th. About every other year, one of our birthdays is on Mother's Day. It was her turn this year. I went to visit them in Fort Worth this weekend for our birthdays.

I pulled out my new camera when I got there Thursday night since she hadn't seen it yet, but she didn't want me to take a picture of her.

On my dad's birthday weekend in March, he and my brother went and got matching tattoos. I was mad they went without me because I wanted to document it. They couldn't wait to get them. This is what it looks like on my dad's old man back.

My mom offered me my first present on Friday night, because it probably needed to be exchanged.

She got me an external hard drive for my computer (because it is COMPLETELY full) and we exchanged it for one that was three times bigger for just $10 more!

I got the rest of my presents on Saturday night after we all went out to dinner.

A hummingbird feeder, a second battery for my camera, and a UV filter/lens protector for the camera. I also got $150 total from my two grandmothers. (This picture came out oddly blurry. Only the top focused.)

We had turtle cheesecake for my birthday cake! And I tried out my no-flash setting.
Candles = the way my family has always done them... 2 + 7 = 27!

Late that night we played CatchPhrase and my mom was having trouble giving a clue.

Then it was really funny when she couldn't figure out my clues.

On the way there on Thursday night I noticed these weird yellow things all over the freeway. It looked like a truck carrying a bunch of the lines on the road was losing their load. They were on the other side of the freeway too when I went back home Sunday. It was weird.


  1. Nice tat, dad. I guess I'll give you my present when we go to Jennifer's wedding.