Twenty Bucks and a Batch of Cookies

Over the past two weeks the fan blowing the heat and air in my car has been going out. It wouldn't come on when I started the car, but once I started going it would eventually start up. It finally called it quits around Thursday. My brother-in-law-in-law (Jon's sister's husband) has been known to fix cars before. He sees it as a challenge to figure out what's wrong and make it right. The motor that makes the window go up on Jon's mom's car went out and Wes went to the local salvage yard, picked it up for $30 and repaired it himself. That would have been $600 just for the part if she'd taken it to a repair shop. So I thought I'd ask him first.
He found the problem was that the "heater fan motor" had gone out. He pulled it out and we went on a field trip... the U-Pull-It. It's just rows and rows of old cars that you can just go in with your tools and pull out whatever parts you need, take it up to the front, give them the money and go. It's all really weird and kind of creepy. We found one car that was the model before mine but it was really hard to get the fan out and he wanted to try to find a newer one so that the fan wouldn't be as used. So we went down a few more rows and found one 3 years newer than mine.

Here he is digging in under this already-very-torn-apart-car's dashboard to get the new fan.

This is the beauty that my fan came out of. And Wes peeking out.

I then realized we could look around for a new H. My H had fallen off/was stolen off the back of my Honda last year. It was just gone one day. Funny thing is that almost every Honda there was already missing its H. Eventually we found one and popped it off for me to replace mine. We took the motor and the H up to the front and it was only $20. We took it back to the house and Wes replaced it. He loves my chocolate chip cookies, so that's how I'm going to repay him for doing that whole thing in about 2 hours, me not having to give up my car for a day, and not having to pay a repair shop WAY more than $20 for the work done. Thanks, Wes.