This Is What I Deal With Every Day

Like I said that other time, the boys learn songs really quickly. We've been listening to SOME of the songs from the Juno soundtrack in the car recently and there is one, Tree Hugger, that they have fallen in love with. I put the original song on my MySpace page right now so you could hear it if you want.
While we were waiting to pick up C, D started to sing it (he's talking strangely because he has a peppermint in his mouth)...

Later, when we were waiting for their sister, they really put on a show. This behavior is what I have to put up with daily from these two goobers. I like how D basically completely ignores what C is doing to him throughout the song and then how they randomly break out into some southern/Australian (?) accent at the end.

Their dad is currently out of town for two months and their mom has to go to Atlanta and California this week, so I'll be spending the next three days and two nights alone with the three kids. Pray for me! :)

And lastly, here is my favorite picture I took of D when we went to the playground today.