Hey Guess What!

I received two small gifts of money at the end of this week and it finished up the $900 I needed for my camera! (Actually, I had $890, but close enough!)

So I took my envelope of money...

Which I loved so much...

And first went to Staples...

To get the MUCH cheaper memory card...

Then headed to Bedford (a local chain)...

I went back to Staples to get a bag for the camera and headed out to try the guy out. (All of the rest of the pictures are taken by the new camera.)

The first picture taken by my new camera!

Everything is blooming around here.

There are white trees everywhere.

I think this is my favorite picture I took today.

Then I went back home and got a shot of me with my camera. Yep. In the mirror.

I busted out the user manual to find out about all of the buttons and saw this funny page. Wouldn't you hate to have that in your obituary: Death by Camera.

A few of my Easter decorations.

The AC units outside of our apartment.

One of my Willow Trees.

My camera can even make my cell phone look cool!

And then I went after Jack. He was scared of it at first, but then would look at me. The best part is that, unlike my old camera, his eyes aren't glowing green in all of the pictures!

Hey! A close-up of his paws!

Then he got tired of me trying all of the settings out on him and kept giving me his profile when I put the camera up to my eye.

But then he started looking back at me again.

Tomorrow I'm going with my sister-in-law, another friend, and their kids to a Daffodil festival to take pictures. Hopefully I'll come back with some good ones. Yay new camera! Oh, and I had two extra dollars left over from the $890. Perfect estimation!


  1. That is a nice camera! I am glad you finally have it! Have fun.

  2. Yea new camera!!!!!