What We Did This Week

The boys have a toy closet which their parents have had me organize before. I had to go back to work to be with them this Wednesday through Friday (even though their parents and grandparents were at home too). Their dad wanted me to go through all of the toys and junk with the boys and get rid of as much as possible. We were ridiculously successful.

It started out as this tub, the huge box in the second picture, and the small box in the third picture FILLED with toys, pieces of toys, cards from games, legos, pieces of games, pieces of trash, yucky stuff, broken stuff, and more.

All day Thursday and then Friday morning we sorted it all out. And THIS is what was left that they decided to keep. I was SO impressed with them. Especially D.

This was the give away box:
And this was the trash:

As a reward I took them to the Museum of Discovery in the River Market.

They both have such big heads. (I know. I'm the one who's talking.)

There was a lady with a chicken and a snake. Ew and ew. (Sorry Sarah.)

We went to an electricity demonstration and C got to be a building with a lightning rod.

And D got his hair lifted.

And at one point I was eaten by a giant mouth.


  1. I am not down with how close Dalton is to that chick. en.

    See how I said chick, like maybve I was talking about the lady. Literarily (sp?) (real word?) awesome.