A Week Late

I finally got Alisa's pictures so now I can post about...
New Year's Eve!

The girls and Jon were playing Phase 10 and in the midst of a very strange way of shuffling the cards, Jon readjusted in his chair...

And broke the leg.

Candice and Melissa thought it was very funny.


The boys were in the other room playing Guitar Hero. Or pretending to play guitar hero.

Then around 1:00am we went in to try it. Alisa went first.

Then I played. I apparently looked like either Gwen Stefani or Avril Lavigne.

First ever attempt: FAILED!

Second attempt: Passed with a B (82%).

Today when I got the pictures on my e-mail I let D play with this one on Paint.
Featuring (according to D):
My black teeth because they have cavities
My light blue angry eyebrows
A giant head on the wall that's mad I'm playing guitar hero
Lots and lots of light sabers (all of the long straight lines)
A small light saber fight in the bottom left corner
Green hand
A duck (above my head)
A piece of popcorn (at the bottom of my right leg)