Funny Things of Late

This bothers me in several ways: This sign was in a museum. It's horrible grammar. Someone had to DRAW IN the apostrophe in it's. I somehow covered part of the lens. Am I 85 years old?

These are three pictures that I'm turning in to one of my new favorite sites.
Two weird things about this sign: the capital G and the quotation marks.

Quotation marks? What are they REALLY?

What they really mean is "Only if your car is one of a few models."

Santa also says, "Learn subject-verb agreement."

I'm thinking these stickers aren't worn too much at this church. (aka the school the boys go to)

1. "Mexican Store... Tacos"
2. EL Jarocho & LA JAROCHA
3. Abarrotes translated means "packings"

Nativity Scene in a Box... on January 6th.

For those of you who don't understand how the American tax system works, they are extra.

He really was!

Well if it works for shaq, then I must try it.

One sign laid over another sign that says the same thing. Hm.

Pretty obviously a poor choice in garage sale marketing.

I love anything that has an "o'" in it.