New Poll

Five posts in one night! What?!

I know I've had that poll up a long time, so I finally took it down. Seems that the largest percentage of you don't actually know me. After that, the most people go to church with me here. I kind of expected those results. I have a new poll and it has to do with something I like a lot: TV. Which winter premiere are you most looking forward to? I set it so you can pick two because I want to pick two. I'm interested to see how many of you are like me. I won't say which are my favorites until the end. Vote away!

UPDATE: It looks like the percentage is going to be out of 200 on this one since you can vote for two things. That's weird.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I now have no idea what the percentage is going to be because it is currently 50% vs. 50% vs. 33.3% vs. 16.7%. I'm just going to look at the longest bars to figure it out.