Lost Recap Part 2

Whew. Watching 37 episodes of LOST over 5 days can wear a girl out. So, for those of you in ridiculous places such as Arkansas where the local ABC station is somehow weekly allowed to kick off national programming such as the LOST Season 3 Finale: Pop-up Edition for something like, say, college basketball, I will remind you of what happened in the last 18 episodes of last season in a quick way. For stuff further back than that, scroll down the page for info back to the middle of season 2. I will just be mentioning random observations and reminding you of the things. Here we go...

Mittelos BioScience was the group that sent Juliet to the island to do her research.

When Karl was being brainwashed, the video he was watching included the phrase "God loves you as he loved Jacob."

When Jack was in the cage on the island, Cindy, the flight attendant, showed up with the kids that were on the flight and some of The Others and said they were there to watch. Huh?

Isabel was the middle aged lady on the island who was referred to as the sherriff. She does what Ben says, including freeing Juliet who was supposed to be killed for what she did. But Ben wrote a note to her right before Juliet's supposed execution commuting her sentence.

When Jack was in Thailand and got his tattoo, he was told that there would be consequences for it. It translates as "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." He said to Isabel that that's what it says, but not what it means.

Remember the time Hurley found the van in the jungle that had a skeleton, who we later found out was Ben's dad and a whole bunch of beer? That was funny.

Locke, Sayid, Kate, and Rousseau found The Flame station in the jungle where Mikhail (aka Eye Patch Guy) was stationed, pretending to be the last person from the Dharma Initiative. This station was for communicating with the outside world and was connected via wires to all of the other stations. The wire to the underwater station sends out sonar pings to guide submarines to the island. He said that all of Dharma was gone because they initiated war with The Hostiles, who were there long before Dharma. More on this later.

Locke played that chess game at the Flame station and that Marvin Candle guy showed up and said that if there had been an incursion by the Hostiles, to enter 77. He did this and it blew up all of the communications.

Mikhail said that these four who came to him weren't on "the list" because they're flawed (Kate), angry (Locke), weak (Rousseau), and frightened (Sayid). (Those last two may be reversed. I couldn't tell who he was talking to.)

Once Kate, Sayid, and Locke showed up at the Others neighborhood and they were captured, the Others packed up, gassed Kate, handcuffed Juliet to Kate and dropped them off in the jungle.
Smoke Monster doesn't like the sonic fence.

If Juliet stays on the island, Ben will get rid of her sister's cancer. Jacob said he'd take care of it himself, unless she didn't have faith in him.

Desmond had become a monk, but didn't do well with it. As he was turning in his robe to leave, when he dropped it on the head monk's desk, you can see a framed picture of the head monk with the jewelry store lady who had told Desmond all about his future and how he couldn't change what was going to happen in his life.

When Naomi, the parachuter, landed on the island she told them that Flight 815 had been found in a 4 mile deep trench and that there were no survivors. They had all died.

Ben had come to the island with his dad (aka Roger Workman aka Uncle Rico) to work for the Dharma Initiative when he was 12. He hated it and wandered off into the jungle one day, meeting Richard, who was a part of "The Hostiles". He became one of them and helped gas all of the Dharma people, killing them, and then took over their houses and society, thus becoming The Others. They put all of the bodies of the Dharma people into a pit.

Ben took Locke to see Jacob and Jacob spoke to Locke, saying "Help me." Ben got mad that Locke heard him and shot him in the stomach. He fell back into the Pit Of Dead Dharmas.

In the past, Charlie saved Nadia, Sayid's girlfriend, from a mugging in an alley.

Ben: "This island is under assault by forces stronger than anything it's had to deal with in many many years and we are meant to protect it by any means necessary. The jamming (of all of the radio signals off the island) was for everyone's security."

Jack finally told Kate "I love you" when they were headed up to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's signal.

Locke, while in the Pit of Dead Dharmas was about to shoot himself when Big Ol' Tall Walt came up to the edge of the pit and told him that he could get up and that he needed to come out because he has work to do.

Future Jack was the only person to show up at the viewing of some dead person that we don't know yet. He said he was neither friend or family.

Ben said that Naomi was not who she says she is. She is a representative of people who have been trying to find the island. One of the bad guys. If you phone that boat, every single living person on this island will be killed.

When Sayid, Jin, and Bernard stayed behind to blow up the others when they came to kidnap the women, we thought they were shot, but Tom (aka Mr. Friendly aka Zeke) didn't shoot them. Sawyer and Juliet had gone back to save them and then Hurley came riding out of the jungle in Ben's dad's van and ran some of them over. Sawyer then shot and killed Tom because he took Walt from the boat.

Future Jack said to the chief that if he brought his dad down and he (Jack) was more drunk than him, he could fire him. So is Jack's dad still alive, or was he just saying that in his drunkenness?

After hearing from Desmond since about episode 7 of season 3 that he was going to die, Charlie finally admitted defeat and headed to the underwater hatch (the Looking Glass) to turn off the signal that The Others were using to block all of the outgoing signals so they could contact the offshore boat that Naomi had come from. After puching in the code to turn it off, a video contact came up with Penny Widmore (who had been looking for Desmond, as evident in that weird Antartica ending of season 2). She was talking to Charlie when he asked her if she was on the boat. As she asked "What boat?" Creepy Eye Patch Guy showed up outside the window of the room Charlie was in with a grenade. He closed the water-tight door and wrote on his hand "Not Penny's Boat" to warn Desmond to tell the other survivors. Maybe Ben really is telling the truth.

Locke threw a knife into the back of Naomi as she was connecting to the boat on the phone and threatened to shoot Jack if he called, but he called anyway.

When Future Jack and Future Kate see each other at the end, Jack asked if Kate knew about the funeral he went to and Kate said "Why would I go to the funeral?" and then said she needed to go home because "He's gonna be wondering where I am." Who's HE? Sawyer?

Jack regrets leaving and keeps flying over the Pacific hoping to crash again. He said they weren't supposed to leave and that they need to go back.

Ok. I promise I'll never write a post this long again about Lost. Sorry to you non-fans. You're welcome to you fans. The time is finally here. Lost is back! Yes! Enjoy the premiere!


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