Little Rockers!

I figure it's probably been used before, but I thought that "Little Rockers" would be an excellent name for citizens of Little Rock. Eh?
This message is a public service announcement for all Little Rockers. It is in regards to the fact that two of the greatest things ever are coming to Little Rock very soon. We just got a Forever 21, but these are even better!
As I walking up to the Target in west Little Rock yesterday, I saw a sign on the outside of the building informing me that "Target will remain open during construction." I though, "eh?" I looked to the end of the building and saw a gated off area for future construction. I walked inside to see a temporary wall put up near the front door and this beautiful wonderful amazing sign:

TARGET IS BECOMING A SUPERTARGET!!! If you've never experienced a SuperTarget, you're in for a wonderful treat. Grocery store! Starbucks! Jelly Belly candy bin aisle! It didn't have an opening date, but it's wonderful news. SuperTarget is about the best store ever. Ten bajillion times better than that stupid Super WalMart. (Yes. This sign has the same set of four pictures on there twice. Don't ask me about that one.)

Then... I had heard this rumor several months ago and then heard it on the radio a few weeks ago, so you may have heard by now. We're also getting a The Container Store! Apparently many Little Rockers are unaware of the awesomeness that is The Container Store. Just visit the site and see just a small bit of what is available there. It's wondrous. The grand opening is March 8th and 9th:


And... One week until LOST!


  1. Yea for Super Target and The Container Store. I am a huge fan of both. We always go there when we visit family in Dallas. LOVE IT!