AI Week 2

Time for some San Diego and Charleston American Idol auditions!

January 22 - San Diego Auditions

Tetiana "Long Blonde Girl" Ostapowych - I think Paula died at one point during this girl's audition. She was pretty good and made it through, but I don't think she'll last long.

Perrie "My Son Looks Like A Daughter" Cataldo - Just cut that kid's hair please. This was the single dad of an adorable little boy with ridiculously long hair. He was very good. One of the best guys I've seen so far.

Michael "Australia" Johns - Wait, this guy's even better than Perrie! I'm always amazed how foreign accents don't really come through in song. This guy is going to go far, I'm sure.

Valerie "Not Mariah Carey" Reyes - She sounded like she was honking during this horrible Mariah impersonation. Then there was that last screech, I mean note.

Monique "Three People Dressed Me" Gibson - She's not Whitney Houston

Christopher "I Came With Monique" Baker - Too many bad singers believe that children are our future. Singing it over and over will not make it better. I think that's one of my rules.

Samantha "I Love Simon" Musa - Sang Aretha and was actually pretty good at it. I'm surprised Simon let her crazy friend sit on his lap.

Blake "Statue of Liberty" Boshnack - If only he'd come as a human 10 times ago, maybe he would have found out that he's not that great and wouldn't have had to waste all that time and money continuing to audition. These people are so delusional.

Alberto "Biggest American Idol FAN" Hurtado - First, his long fingernails really bothered me. Second, his hair/sideburns really bothered me. Third, his spinning Barbie amused me. Fourth, his heart on his sleeve was funny.

David "Vocal Cord Paralysis" Archuleta - The way he sounded when talking made me think he wouldn't be good, but he was. Not as good as Perrie and Michael though.

Carly "Disqualified Two Years Ago" Smithson - I'm glad this girl came back. I don't really remember her, but she's pretty good.

January 23 - Charleston Auditions

Ray "Black Clay Aiken" Henderson - I will admit he did sound a lot like Clay, but the way he was moving around and showboating made me a little dizzy.

DeAnna "With a Capital A" Prevatte - She's not Kellie Pickler. And please put your tank top strap back up on your shoulder, darlin'.

After yet another crowd of 10,000 people trying to say something
completely indistinguishable together, we're back.

Randy Stark and Crystal Ortiz - Aw. They met on the American Idol message boards. How adorable. They should have stayed there. How does it go? "I'm so much cooler online?"

Michelle and Jeffrey "We're Not Married" Lampkin - I was on the phone when they came on and thought they were married. Nope. Siblings. After replaying it, I noticed, before Simon said the same thing, that Jeffrey is way better than Michelle. And funnier.

Ah, another good montage of people singing a song by a former American Idol. This time Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats. Nice.

Amy Catherine "I Just Want To Put Her In My Little Pocket" Flynn - This was the girl who gives speeches about abstinence. She was just adorable. I'm glad that she sang well because I want to see her for a while. She has such a soft voice though, so she needs to work on building up her power before Hollywood (which I know has actually already happened) to last longer.

London "Excellent" Weidberg - She stopped singing to take care of her sick dad and now she's back! She sang Billie Holiday and I wrote down the same word that Randy used: excellent.

On Day 2, I have no idea what Paula was wearing, but it was horrible. Possibly socks for sleeves?

Lyndsey "I Fly Huge Planes" Goodman - I thought this girl was pretty good, but the judges didn't ask my opinion unfortunately.

Aretha "Not Aretha" Codner - There's some boobs. And some belt. She tried Whitney and failed. She thought she could argue her way in, but it just didn't work.

Joshua "My Talent Is Too Big For This Competition" Boson - Other nickname possibilities: "Not Jennifer Hudson," "The Judges Sucks," or "The Next WORLD Idol"

Oliver "This Is My Twelve Hour Old Baby" Highman - That was a great story to show through the whole episode since it happened and all, but I was upset that he ended up not being good enough to make it. I liked him, but again, I wasn't asked.

Three more audition episodes left: Omaha, Miami, and Atlanta. See you then!