Kid Quotes 161-180

Wow! Write about American Idol and you get a whole bunch of hits too. I had 77 today! Here are the next 20 quotes. Still first graders.

seeing two of those helicopters with two blades flying over... "Look! It's double helicopters! And they both have two helics!"

Kid: Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
Me: Neil Armstrong.
Kid: Oh yeah! I saw his rip stone once!
Other kid: How did Elvis die?
Kid: Sitting on the toilet!

Kid 1: Are teeth made of bone?
Kid 2: No! Are teeth milk?

"Some milk you buy isn't real because they feed the cows cardboard instead of food."

Assignment: write a note to someone
What a kid wrote: "Dear mr president how much people votid for you and what is it like being the ruler of the world."

Me: What does it look like is outside the window in the picture?
Kid 1: Iraq!
Kid 2: What's Iraq?
Kid 1: It's another country!
(reminded me of that conversation in Bringing Down The House)

"We're chasing the boys and trying to isurrend them"
(later clarified as "get them to surrender")

"My friend Jake told me he's BEEN to Saturn"

"I saw the Milky Way once. It was bright red!"

Me: Pluto is kind of like a snowball (meaning made of ice)
Kid: So we're bigger than Pluto?
Me: Yes, Earth is bigger than Pluto.
Kid: No, are PEOPLE bigger than Pluto?

during the Q&A at the planetarium after a show about the solar system...
"How come scientists haven't figured out aliens?"

Kid 1: You can't taste laughing!
Kid 2: But you CAN taste growing up!

After I explained that all quarters used to look the same, before they started doing state quarters: "That's dangerous! Because then Canada people could take them and use them like their money!"

"Miss Hartman, my mom said we're not supposed to eat those bananas yesterday. They're not ripe yet!"

"If you talk about heart attacks, you're probably going to have one."

"My dad's coming home tomorrow AND it's gonna be 61!!!"

"My grandmother was born in 1992. No, I mean she was born in 1922. She's 75 years old!"

after taking a computer test...
Kid: Why didn't I get a 100?
Me: You got two wrong.
Kid: What would I have to get to not get any wrong?
Me: Zero
Kid: oh.

Me (randomly) listing the different swimming strokes: backstroke, butterfly, freestyle...
Kid: And the Chicken Airplane Soldier!

having to write something nice about everyone in the class, several had a problem with one specific child...
"Can I say 'Your name is (name)'?"
written about her...
"You have blond hair."
"Your hair is as pretty as ------'s."