It's About Time!!!

If you saw what I said last month, you know how much I love the Easter candy, especially the creme eggs. Well, for as long as I can remember (ask my mom) I've said that they need to make creme eggs for each month of the year. New Year Eggs, Valentines Eggs, St. Patrick's Eggs, Easter Eggs, Mother's Day Eggs, School's Out Eggs, Independence Eggs, Summer Eggs, Back To School Eggs, Halloween Eggs, Thanksgiving Eggs, and Christmas Eggs. Well it seems that somebody out there started listening as I got to the end of the list because guess what's been invented. Yep. CADBURY ORNAMENT CREME EGGS! Just like the original, but wrapped in red and sold at Christmas! Sweet cookies!

Jack's exited too!

And last year they started selling Christmas Mini Eggs too. Way to go, Cadbury!


  1. don't know how excited I am! We love the Cadbury Creme eggs and I always stock up on them at Easter! It's time to go buy these!!