A different kind of wedding

Last weekend we went to a wedding and finally got a picture together for the first time in a while. So here we are! I got my super amazing dress at Kohl's on sale! Thanks for asking!

So the wedding was normal, but the reception was very unique and awesome...

There were cupcakes instead of a cake. So no cutting of the cake.

There was ice cream! And toppings!

The cheese and olives were stuck into a pineapple!

There were cans of coke!

All of the flowers, including the ones worn and carried in the ceremony were handmade paper flowers. Awesome!

Also, there was no bouquet or garter business, and we rang bells when they left instead of throwing things. It was different and pretty cool.


  1. I like your dress.

    Wedding looks cool.

    Mighty Favog is apparently a regular reader!

    I think I've got that job, as long as they can get the money to pay for my...hmm-hmmm, services.