Issues With The Mart

I have recently come to see (and my friend has confirmed about her local store) that Wal-Mart is headed downhill. I'm not saying it was at the top of a very big hill to start with, but it's not staying there long. Every time I go there are many thing that I need that they are out of, such as bread. But another problem is that many items seem to be damaged in some way. It could be as small as a dent in the cans, or as ridiculous as this.
I just wanted some Cherry Coke Zero. Good stuff. When I got to the Coke section, I had to search to find any that were left. There were two remaining and this was the good one:

Barely staying together, dented and torn

It's hard to tell, but this end of the box is actually taped back together.

In case you were wondering, the other box that was left was completely open with one of the cans sitting on top of it. Does anyone else seem to have these Wal-Mart issues like I do?


  1. do NOT like China-Mart. avoid it if possible.

    a tired of the big box Mighty Favog

  2. Have you ever seen the documentary, "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price"? It's interesting stuff