Many Many Things

So I've done alot since last Monday. Tuesday morning I left Little Rock and headed southwest. I made a stop through Paris, Texas to see my baby brother. He went to college there and is now living there and working for Young Life. He took me on a tour of the town and here are a few highlights.

This was his "dorm" his first year. This is what I call the living the high life.

We made our way over to the Eiffel Tower where we saw this warning. The only people who ignore it are every teenager or college student who has ever lived in or driven through Paris Texas.

And then we posed for a little photo. Isn't it cute with its little hat?

As I made my way out of town, I got behind a person who was driving very SLW. (See: License Plate)

And then as I made it into Fort Worth, I saw someone who was very proud of their weird name.

Saturday night I got to go see one of my best friends from college, Jenna, who was in town with her husb and kids to see his family. Last time I saw her she told me she was pregnant with her second. Here they both are! They are precious and awesome. Too bad I probably won't see them again until they're at least 1 and 3 years old.

The other big thing was that I started my job today. I am now a nanny for a family with three kids. I only had one today and he was a ball. He's four years old and really funny because he has the same sense of humor as me. He does two things that are most similar to me. He does something ridiculous or silly (such as put a whole cracker in his mouth) and just look at me and say "What?". While putting a huge The Hulk hand on his head... "What?" While making a funny face at me... "What?"
But the funnier thing that he does is something that I do all of the time. Examples would show it best (these actually happened):

D: What's that?
Me: A dime from Mexico.
D: You're Mexico!

D: What time is it?
Me: 4:30
D: You're 4:30!

If it continues, I know it will probably get old, but for now it's funny. I just have him for the first few days then the 9 and 14 year old will get back. I'll keep you updated. Oh and his quote of the day was "Have you ever seen a bird explode?"

I expect the next picture that will be posted to be awesome. My neighbor (with the awesome hood ornament) got rid of his car after the rims were stolen and I said I would miss that hood ornament, but he said he was getting a new one. He described it to me, but I'm going to let you wait and see it instead of ruining it with a description. I'll get it up as soon as it's here.


  1. That is a terrible picture of me. And of Kennedy. Oh well. It WAS 10 o'clock at night. ;-)

    Oh and Happy Anniversary and Happy Starting-a-New-Job Day!

  2. LOVE the pictures. You seem to have an eye for the unusual and/or hilarious.


  3. Thanks, Kathy. That's what comes from having my camera with me all of the time.

    Jenna, it's not a bad picture of you. And Kennedy just looks not alive or something. Thanks for the 9 day late anniversary wish and 3 day late job wish. Love ya!