Remember? I'm trying to catch up? Here's Valentines...
We went to a Valentines party for some kids in our Sunday School class.

They decorated bags.


Passing out the treats to friends.

Enjoying a delicious cookie that he 
decorated while having terrible hair.

We went into Party City (which has since burned down!) 
on Valentines Day and saw the biggest balloon on earth.

My precious Valentines lunch date. Weird hair again.

Bringing me flowers from Daddy.

Our treats for friends at the party. 
Guess where I got the idea.
(Bought those tiny candy canes at 90% off after 
Christmas. Totally doing it again next year.)

And my top-of-the-desk decorations. 
The canvas I copied exactly from here.
(LOVE her site - so many cute ideas!)
And the garland I just made with wooden
hearts, scrapbook paper, and ribbon.

I also made this. 
Wooden letters, scrapbook paper, and ribbon. Again.

And these little felt hearts? 90% off Christmas ornaments.

And this picture again. (I took it last year [but apparently didn't post it] and the year before.) This year's picture was easiest to take.


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