Fort Worth Not-Christmas

We stayed in Fort Worth for another week after Christmas. Here are the things we did. They were mostly involving playing with the Christmas gifts.

Posing in front of the fireplace.
Where 90% of posed pictures taken in my parents
house for the past 29 years have happened.

Checking out all of Granna's ornaments.

An army of tiny dinosaurs.

And then they blew them all down!

Reading with Uncle Josh.

Finding Granna's fingers under the door!

Wearing a silly hat while pretending to be a marching band.

And then a whole bunch of playing in the front yard with Grandude...

Then he enjoyed playing with the bungee
cord in the back of Grandude's truck.

And spotting himself in the window.

One day he decided he wanted to look at all of his gifts again.

And some stuff I made...

I totally showed that almond bark who was boss. (Dipped pretzel rods, regular pretzels, mini cinnamon sticks, oreo bark and chocolate and regular peppermint bark.)

This held my uncle's gift card to... Lowe's.

This was my grandmother's greeting card sorter.
I got the box at The Container Store.

Then I made the dividers and sorted out her cards for her.
I'm really happy with how it came out!


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