We Had A Fish

This was in August. We had visited a friend's house who had a goldfish. Jake loved it, so I thought "Hey! Let's get a fish!" having obviously forgotten the lack-of-success that I've had with fish in my life. But I did it anyway.

He loved watching it while he ate.

It was just a plain ol' 29 cent goldfish from Petsmart.

For real. Jake loved it.

Well it never ate any of the food we gave it and it died in five days.
I tried again a few weeks later and that one died in two days.
So I quit fish.


  1. We have a beta fish - it is more of an investment but really, the thing won't die. Ever. It has gone w/o food, moved a couple of times, been severely mistreated and still continues on. You get the idea - something to consider.

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