The Fourth Day in July

Before we went to Fort Worth I made another I Spy/Shaker bottle for the fourth of July.

This time I let Jake help with the shaking.
Pardon the dinner-shirt.

I did red, white, and blue rice. Duh.
The white rice may look plain...

...but I cut up some of this stuff... add a little sparkle.

Then I put it in a teeny tiny water bottle.
I forgot to take a picture of the I Spy stuff I put in there. I put several red, white, and blue star beads, a baseball, and just for fun about ten glow in the dark beads!

It's all shook up.

Fourth of July night. Waiting for the fireworks.

I kept Jake in the stroller for all of about 5 seconds.

I love the flag.

Waving the flag and shaking the shaker.

Teaching Granna about the stars on the flag.

He kept talking about the moon while we waited.

He totally loved the fireworks.
During the video I took of him watching it, he kept saying "Look Mama! Fireworks! Look Mama! Pretty!" Super cute.