Things I've Made This Week

I've been busy this week!

I helped host a baby shower this week for a girl in our
Sunday School class. I had been wanting to make some
bunting for a while, and this was a good excuse.
Her colors are (obviously) green and brown.

I also used my fabulous Cricut to make
out the baby's name for decoration.
(Oh, and I made that brown dip in front and the white dip in back!)

I had been wanting to make Jake an I Spy bottle
for a while, and now I had some time to do it!

I made him this pretty unattractive rice shaker a long time ago.
I wanted to use the same idea, but make it way prettier.

So I gathered my materials: rice, honey bear bottle, food coloring, baggies, and rubbing alcohol. (Nope it's not in the picture.)

I put about three tablespoons of rice in each bag, then added a whole bunch of food coloring (like 10-20 drops depending on which color it was) and a little less than a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Shake shake shake it! Then put it back in the bowls to dry out for a few hours.

Aren't those colors just beautiful?
Way better than the old shaker!

Then I got my things together to put in the bottle.
I bought a couple of sets of buttons at Hobby Lobby
(the crayons, bugs, and sports balls) and then scavenged
my old box of buttons for the other stuff.

A few hours later...
I funneled the dry rice into the honey bear.

Shook it up!
And then put all of the things inside.

The close-up of the stuff inside.

Then I (was going to) attach the picture of the things to the back, like this. But I had realized after putting the stuff in the bottle that this was WAY too hard for Jake at this point. The stuff is really hard to see. So I regrouped and started over.

I dumped all of that stuff into a ziploc bag for later
and collected some more things. I got a bag of
colored blocks at Hobby Lobby and wrote his
name out, then got another package of crayons, plus
all the vehicles. Then grabbed some more
things out of my button box.

This time I just used plain white rice. I was
going to use white sand, but that stuff's expensive!
I like this way better, and Jake can find things
in it. I will take the picture of what's in
it and put it on the back again.

Finally, today during nap I made this bag! Jake had a big-soft-legos train building set he got for his birthday that had still been in the box because I had nothing else to put it in. So bought some cute fabric and some "rope" and sewed it up!


  1. You are very creative!!! I love all the things you have doen and I also think your blog is fabulous!!!

  2. Love it all!!! And I am inspired now. But where did you find all those little thingys!? I can never find little stuff like that. Love the bag too:)

  3. Very cute! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself and doing some fun projects for Jake. The baby shower decor was sooo cute - I really would like to have a cricut one day. And the I SPy - such fun.

  4. that's awesome!!! i'm gonna steal the bear idea!!