Growing Up Easter

Despite just turning two, this was Jake's third Easter. His first one was on his one month birthday. I just wanted to show him with two different items all three years. Wow how he's grown!

One month old with Snoopy.

One year old with Snoopy.

Today with Snoopy.
He would NOT sit in the chair with Snoopy, so I had to settle for putting it next to him. Also, my camera suddenly decided to stop working again, so this fuzzy picture is with the little camera.

One month old with his Easter basket from Mimi.

One year old with his basket.

Two years old with his basket.
Big guy.


  1. I can not believe how big he is! Not fair for him to have done all that growing without me to really see it.

  2. I'd say he's grown just a little bit ;) He's very cute