Those Times It Snowed

Alright people... massive blog posts coming up. We ran out of internet in January/February, then my computer died for like a month. That's why I've been absent. So here is the first of five posts.

We had two major snows here this winter. The first started just a week after we came back from Christmas break. I laid down for a nap after church on Sunday and woke up to find this:

Whoa. That fell fast.

Soon I got this message on my phone. Woo-hoo!

Later that night it looked like this.

The next day we got up to some good deep snow.
Time to bundle up!

Layer one: thermal shirt and pants with normal socks

Layer two: Fleece jacket, pants, and socks

Layer three: shoes, hat, and mittens

Add a coat and it's time to play!

It's fun and funny out here!

I'm covered in snow!

Isn't this fun, mama?

It's so funny!

The next day we were off again, so we went
back out when it was a little melted.

Ooooooo... snowball!

Some pretty wicked icicles mixed in with our icicle lights

Then a few weeks later, it happened again, just more of it!

Jake! Snow Day!
It snowed ALL DAY, so we kept
ourselves occupied in many ways...

Jake set up a construction site on the toilet.

He shook his shakers to Jack's Big Music Show.

I decided to make this yummy soup to stay warm.

Warning: If you move the soup into a new bigger pot, and go to clean out the former smaller pot, don't turn your back. Because the new bigger pot may still not be big enough.

The snow mid-afternoon

We read some weather-appropriate literature...

...rearranged some furniture... out a LOT of toys and watched Sesame Street...

...and tried on everyone's shoes.

The next day when the snow stopped,
we bundled up to go outside again.

Happy Snow Day!

Funny thing is that he refused to move from this spot.

This gives you an idea of how deep it was... about 6 inches.

I tried to take him in since he was just standing there, but he thought it was fun getting on and off of the porch. And that was the total playing in Snow The Second.
It was cold and we weren't doing anything, so I took him in.

He really wanted to go back outside.

Meanwhile, Jack just kept himself warm in front of the heater.