All Kinds of Halloween

My mom came in town this weekend, so I planned a bunch of Fun Fall Festivities. She got here Thursday night and I took off Friday so we could do stuff. Here's all the stuff...

Thursday we met the fam downtown where all of the museums had Halloween activities, decorations, and candy for the kids! Oh, and you got in free! Plus if you visited six museums and got stamps, you got entered for a grand prize. Still waiting to hear we lost...

Yep I'm cool.

Just a little walking around the Heifer Village.

In the Candy Land decorations at the Clinton Presidential Library.

With the creepy decorations at the Old State House Museum.

Trying his first Twinkie at the Historic Arkansas Museum.

Checking out the decorations at the Mosaic Templar Museum.
Also, I made that shirt, because I couldn't find
any cute boy Halloween shirts! None!

Friday morning we headed north to a
pumpkin patch about 45 minutes away.

Jake drove the tractor barrel.

We were corn.

Then we were pumpkins.

And Jake was a scarecrow.

They had a huge corn maze!
We just walked around the front of it though.
Hey! There's corn in here!

Just chillin' in the corn. Lookin' cute.

With a pumpkin that could really use some clearasil.

Happy Halloween!

With the big pile of pumpkins up front.

That cow was very interested in Jake's shoe.

So we headed over to get on the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch around 11:30. Apparently the last ride had just left before lunch break. The next one was at 1:00 and we hadn't eaten. So we left. Boo!

That night we went to our church carnival. It's HUGE!

We had to park about a mile down the street and ride a bus back.
This was the line for the bus. It took us about 40 minutes.

Jake was so tired of waiting!

At the carnival he got his first glow bracelet.
He was entranced.

Everything was too big for him except
the preschool area, so he slid.

It was getting really cold,
so he finally kept his hat on!

A little delirious when we finally got home late.

Saturday, we headed out to the second pumpkin patch, hoping to actually see pumpkins in a field. We went to the same place I took the boys to pick blueberries this summer.

All I wanted to do was touch a pig. And we did!

That goat is on a roof.

Checking out the pumpkins with Granna.

This picture was cute but extraordinarily bright.
So I black-n-white'd it.

Playin' and droolin' in the corn pit.
So much better than a sand box!

And we're off through the mini hay maze.

Aaaah! Dead end!

Choosing our path...

And we made it!

Yay! We found the pumpkins!

Aaaaaaaaand FLASHBACK:

Jake in the patch last year... 7 months old!
Aaaaaaaaand we're back to present day:

Doing his hilarious new walk through the pumpkin patch.

Doing his muscle pose.
(For real! There are grunts and everything!)


He was annoyed that the tiny ones were still attached.

And then the hay ride!

On the hay ride they had funny scarecrows like this.


Thanks, y'all! We enjoyed it!

Happy Halloween!


  1. he's gotten so big so fast!!! walking?!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Cute pictures. It's a world of difference trying to get them compared to last year, isnt it? He makes an adorable little pumpkin.
    I like the way you turned those pics Black & white and kept the pumpkins.

  3. WHOA!!! You did the dang thang!! I'm exhausted reading and looking at that. But boy did Jake have fun! The walker scarecrow is just about the greatest thing ever. HYPERBOLES!!!!