No. I Did Not Fall Off Earth.

Yes, it's been a month since I posted.
I had been out of town the week before the Father's Day post for Erin's wedding. The week after I got back was spent packing up the house. That Friday we moved. The next week was spent with no internet at the house. This past week was spent reading Eclipse as I was going to see it with friends last night.
I was planning on posting tonight, but the internet is too slow to post pictures. We're out in the country now and there is no cable internet out here. So we bought this nifty little doo-dad that creates a wi-fi hotspot within the house, but it has to be placed in the window to get a good signal. We are waiting for the USB extension cord to come in to do that.So you'll have to wait.

Soon posts will include:
Erin's wedding
Weeks 2, 3, and 4 with the boys
The fourth of July
Sunday School fellowship

So hold your breath! Or don't. Because the extension cord is on 3-5 day shipping.
Here's one picture to tide you over...