Adventures in Bathing

Jake has discovered splashing. He kind of would before, but it's out in full force now.

He slaps the water incessantly during the whole bath.

He was seriously laughing at me in this picture
when I pulled back the curtain to stay dry.

I finally was able to cash in my Gifts To Grow points from Pampers and ordered these bath "sticker" letters. A year's worth of diapers to get a $8 toy. Woo! By the way, if you're not using your GTG points, I'll take them!

I know my name starts with a J.

Never mind. Splashing is more fun!
(You can see the water flying through the air.)

See how wet his face is from splashing?

And if you make him lie down to stop the splashing?
Just splashes with his legs.


  1. ADORABLE! love the strategic wash cloth ; )

  2. Also like the washcloth, good job. Can't tell you how disturbed I was when a girl from my Sunday school class posted naked pics of her little boy on our class email list? Not cool, man. Not cool.

    And yep, I like those GTG points - do you know about all the free ones out there? I don't use Pampers - my kids are allergic to them, but out there in blog-land, there are lots of free points up for grabs. i can point you in the right direction if you want.. I'll have to dig. :)

  3. My name is Pattie and I work at Pampers in Consumer Care. These pictures of your little guy enjoying his GTG reward are precious! I'm so glad I came across them. If you aren't already, you might want to become a fan of Pampers on Facebook. We sometimes post free codes!

    @Jenna--sorry to hear your kids aren't able to use Pampers. We'd love to get more details from you and offer some help. When you have time, give us a call at 1-866-586-5654.