Just More Snow Pictures

So it just kept snowing...

It was either snowing or raining all day Monday.
And it was HUGE flakes!

It covered everything!

I've never seen someone shovel a driveway!
(I'm from Texas, y'all!)

Jack was intrigued by it.

It got pretty deep.

I wanted to take Jake out and get some pictures, but like I said, it never stopped all day. So I put him in his suit, took two pictures (this was surprisingly the better one) and went back in.

So I put him in his high chair and took
a picture of him WITH the snow.

I let him play with a snowball.

"Mama! My hands are cold!"

This is fun!

So school was out again today, so
we snuggled on the couch this morning.

This is how our yard looked this morning. You can see all of Jack's footprints from yesterday. The snow had frozen solid overnight, so we weren't able to make a snowman. Maybe next year.