Hurricane Head

I took this picture when Jake was 5 months old and had been meaning to post it ever since then. Jake has a hurricane in his hair. It's been there since he was born. The poor kid is going to have major cowlick problems.

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago.
Same hurricane. Just thicker.

Also the front of his hair takes an abrupt turn to the side.
He looked like an old man with a combover when I pulled off his hat, so I took a picture.


  1. Both of my kids have the same thing. Bad hair whorls in the back and a widow's peak with a definite direction of growth. It is a larger problem for girls b/c they want to do things like pony tails. Boys just part their hair to one side or keep it short enough for the craziness to not be a problem. And Jackie's is a bit easier to wrangle now that her hair is longer and a bit thicker. Jake's hurricane head will be just fine.

  2. I like the description, hurricane head :) He'll be cute no matter which way his hair parts.