Those Guys Again

Early in the week former Boss-Man called to see if I could keep the kids Thursday night until Friday morning. Boss-Mom was out of town all week and he had to go to Dallas overnight for a job, but would be back by the time the kids got home from school Friday.

Wrong. So it sleeted Thursday night, so school was canceled and I got the kids all day Friday. AND because of the sleet, all flights into Little Rock were also canceled, so I had to stay with them until today, when their dad was finally able to come back. Here were our adventures:

After picking up the boys we went back to the house.
D wanted to feed Jake.

Friday morning we slept in. I took Jake in to the boys,
and they started playing with his toys with him.

I went to get dressed and when I came back they said,
"Hey Ashley! We wrapped up Jake and put on a show for him!"

The three-man band.
C on xylophone, Jake on "tambourine" and D on piano.

They made Jake into Joseph.

And then Mary.

This is why I'm afraid to eat things at their house.
See: Expiration Dates

Friday afternoon I bundled up Jake in his snow suit he hadn't been able to wear yet to go outside. (I knew it was supposed to snow, so I brought it along for pictures' sake.)

On the back porch.
This suit makes his face look super-fat.

Cute? Yes.

In the front yard.
Pardon the snottage.
And I like his little thumb sneaking out of the sleeves.

Clever caption.

The real fireplace and the fireplace channel.

D warming himself in front of the tv.

Then leaping into the winter scene channel.

We spent all two days in front of their gas fireplace.
At one point all five of us were bundled up on the floor
in front of the fireplace watching Dirty Jobs. For some reason,
I couldn't get a clear picture of Jake in front of the fire.
They all came out blurry. Very weird.

The porch on Friday night when it started to snow.
(It had only been sleet up to this point.)

This is what happens when you leave Lil' Smokies in their water for a couple of hours. The grease congeals. Gross.

The view of their backyard this morning.

The front yard.

This is what it looks like when you let a
6 year old dress himself for outside.

Then they "sledded" in the front yard.
(They used to live in Iowa. Thus the sliding mechanisms.)

D's footprints with their dog's footprints.

And then we saw a woodpecker outside.
This was through the glass and screen,
so it didn't come out very well.