It's Santa!

We braved the rain, traffic, parking lot, mall, and line to go see Santa today!

We took a quick pic in front of the giant tree while waiting in line. I just put him on the floor and them pointed the camera at him from the floor. Thus the fuzziness.

Thanks for smiling, Jake.

This is how Jake felt about the cost of pictures with Santa.

That'll show 'em.
After an hour in line, we then passed the sign that said "Please refrain from using cell phones or personal cameras beyond this point." Boo!

Jake was a fan of Santa, although Santa held Jake weird.
Also, Santa's intuition about Jake was totally wrong. We had to wait for the camera girl to finish the last people's pictures and she asked Santa if he wanted to go ahead and start playing with Jake. He said "No, not that one. Sometimes we only get about 15 seconds." Meaning he thought Jake was going to break down crying. No way. Jake just stared at him and his big ol' beard. Then posed like a good boy for the picture. Next year will probably be another story.

Santa wears me out!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!! Way to go Jakeypoo!!!! Sorry I just called him that...

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