Halloween the First

This post has way too many pictures...

Halloween Eve (Friday) we went to the big carnival up at church, basically to just roll around and show off Jake.
He was ready to go ham it up!

We saw Alyssa Kate and Caroline, the puppies, at the carnival.

Hey stroller babies!

Jake was thrilled at all of the attention he got!

Aren't we the cutest?

Gene Simmons was there.

Jake got exhausted from all of the smiling at his fans.

Back at the house.

Thing 2 likes Halloween too!

Best homemade costume ever!

On Saturday morning, Granna gave Jake his Halloween gift bag.

He was ready to look in it.

He was excited about his book, hat, plates, bowls, and Christmas ornaments. Yes. Christmas ornaments. What of it?

Mmmmm... Halloween card!

We love Halloween!

Mama-Jakey Matchey-Socky

Happy Guy

Mimi gave Jake this great Halloween shirt!

Jake loves his pumpkin patch pumpkin.

This thing is my size!

Happy Halloween, Y'all!


  1. LOVE THIS!!!! How you got him to wear that wig I will never know... Y'all rocked it!

  2. what was jonathan? love the things!!!