Garage Saling

(Pardon the snot and drool. He's still sickish.)
I like garage sales. I've found good things before. But I'm not one of those people who gets up every Saturday at 6am to go to them. I get mad when I get to a sale at 11:00 and they're already closed. Especially when I made a special trip for it. Now that Jake is sitting up on his own and it's still 6 weeks until Christmas, I thought we needed to head out and look for some "floor toys". Today I found all of these and spend just $18. We have:
a taggie football that jingles
the drums that play music
phone and remote that play music
bead maze toy that plays music
story book butterfly that sings to you
stacking rings that play music
ball drop toy that plays music
and the xylophone.
Can you see a (noisy) theme here? I'll tell you that my back seat was very noisy on the drive home. I also got 6 Leap Frog DVDs for only $20. I was really excited about those.
Jake has already figured out the xylophone...


  1. Jake and Griffin have several of the same outfits. They could be twinkies all the time :)