The First Thanksgiving

We got up early and watched the Macy's Parade.

I was very thankful these super cute pajamas still fit on Thursday.

Good morning!

Then we changed and watched a little more parade.
We had to see Snoopy!

Grandude wore this on Thanksgiving.

Jake's First Thanksgiving meal:
Sweet potoatoes, twice baked potatoes, and cranberry sauce.
He also enjoyed his meal in Uncle Josh's old high chair.
It's an '84!

Thanksgiving picture with Mama.

I love Uncle Josh!

Then Uncle Josh ate me. Again.

Then Jake taught U.J. how to use a Blackberry.

Then we had a concert.


With Great Grammy (my Grammy).

Mmmm... turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jake showed his Heisman pose to let us know it was time for some football!

We changed clothes to cheer on the Aggies!

Gig 'em Ags!

Grandude somehow did this in the toaster.

The day after Thanksgiving, Aunt Emily and Uncle Jack came back to say bye before leaving.

Jake was sick Friday, but still cuddled with Uncle Josh.

Saturday, Jake played all of his instruments.
The big table in front was his new
present from Uncle Josh! It's so fun!


  1. He really is so cute! I'm with Uncle Josh...I could eat him up. Thanks for letting me see him when we were up there....the biggest treat for me...

  2. Sweet time!!!