Satan in Insect Form

Preface: I HATE BUGS!
I drove into the garage today and saw a giant bug on the ceiling. I thought it was either a roach or a giant spider. I couldn't tell. So I got everything inside and went back out with the Raid, because I did NOT want that thing on the inside part of our house. I sprayed it and it kind of fluttered down and landed on the window of the car. Repeat: I did NOT want that thing on the inside part of our house. So I backed the car back out into the driveway and sprayed it again. After it was most definitely dead, I got a LONG pole and flicked it off into the driveway. This thing was most likely Satan. For real. Like one of those insect creatures from Revelation.

If you can bear to look at it, notice it has red antennae and red back legs. It has this super creepy spiky wheel thing on its back. Horrible. It will probably be in my nightmares tonight.
Bonus points to anyone who knows what it is. I tried Googling "beetle with red antennae" and couldn't find anything except ladybug costumes.


  1. I LOVE YOU!! YOU CRACK ME UP!!! Hilarious!!! And yes, that thing is evil and is part of the end times. For sure.

  2. ok...i can't even look at that