Granna's Visit

Last weekend my mom came to visit. Here were our adventures.

Granna loves hummingbirds.
So she read Jake his hummingbird book.

He was very interested in it!

We tried to show him how to roll over.

Granna tickled him a lot.

Granna wanted to go see the ducks at the Peabody. So we did.
Jake was excited about the Duck Master.

Yay ducks!

Yay Jake!

Jake plus the ducks.

"Tee-hee-hee. I love ducks."

Ducks ducks ducks.

And ducks.

Then we walked around the Peabody taking pictures.

He has a jungle picture frame I was trying to get a good picture for.

And one with Granna.

Jake, Granna, and art.

The fancy bathroom at the Peabody: towels to dry your hands on.

Back at the house the next day.

And then Jake said, "Jack! How dare you get in our picture!"

And Granna took pictures of me cutting Jake's toenails.

He was very excited about the backyard.

Standing up!



  1. he is a very cute little boy..i love the picture's of him and his 1/2 year b-day cake..