What About Jack?

Jack loves Jake. Back when Jake cried more often Jack would run in to see what was wrong. If we didn't respond fast enough, he would run up to us as if to say "Well, are you going to help him?"

His favorite thing to do is sniff Jake. These two pictures are from the week Jake came home, but he still does it whenever he can. And if we don't watch him, the sniffing becomes licking. On the mouth.

Jack's also always been happy to just be next to Jake.

No matter where he is.

Or what he's doing.

When I'm holding Jake in the recliner, Jack always wants to be with us.

He spends a little more time outside now.

Here he was waiting patiently while I took Jake's three month pictures just inside the door.

And he loves the Boppy.

Loves it!

It's his favorite by-product of having a baby in the house.
Also, having tiny baby clothes around the house to steal in addition to socks.


  1. Jack in the boppy is hilarious. Can't blame him. It does look pretty comfy!

  2. Lexi does the same thing. She will sleep all night in the boppy when it is left on the floor. And the sniffing thing is just the same! I guess dogs are naturally curious of their new family member and very protective. Very cute!

  3. Now that is really sweet. Jack is being a good four legged big brother! Funny that he enjoys the boppy. Cute picture.