Bath Time!

Granna visited this weekend and helped get some pictures of the cuteness that is Jake taking a bath. It's pretty much his favorite thing to do.

I make up songs during the whole bath so he just looks at me and smiles the whole time. I love it!

Out we go!

And here's a not-so-short video of the beginning of bath time that my mom took. Highlights include:
My mom shifting the camera off his boy parts at 12 seconds
Me singing throughout the video.
His smile/scared look at 1:20.
His face throughout the head scrubbing that I do to get all of his hard dry skin off his scalp.
My mom asking him to laugh at 2:10.
*If you watch nothing else, go to 3:07 and see the super cute cheese monkey that is our son.
The extended eyebrow raise at 3:45.
The confused look at the very end.


  1. Very cute! Loving little Jake's bath time! Glad your mom was able to join you for pictures!

  2. That was so sweet! He is a sweetie heart!!! I loved every minute of it. Especially the 3:07 part- that was to die for cute. So glad your mama got to visit. Love to the Sumners and Hartmans!