Making the Switch

We have made two transitions in the past week. Here are the before and after pictures.

Jake taking a bath in the sink his first week at home. So small.

Wearing his Snoopy towel that was quite big.

This week we moved into the bathtub because his head and booty were hitting the corners of the sink. I decided to include the obligatory loincloth for his future sake. Don't worry. I also got the completely naked picture for my sake.

Little boy in a big tub.

Fitting a little better into the Snoopy towel.

Chubby belly.

Second Transition...

Sleeping at night in the carseat his first week at home. (He wouldn't stay asleep in the bassinet and then was diagnosed with some reflux, so it just made it all easier.)

Waking up in the carseat two weeks ago.
With a vibrating bassinet, we were able to make the switch last week.

Last night. Swaddled so cozy.

Cutest thing ever.

Still sleeping after 8 1/2 hours this morning. (By the way, this isn't typical. It's usually 5-6 hours. We just got lucky last night.)



Good mornin' Mama!


  1. I love the blanket that matches his jammies. Now you see him, now you don't ;)

  2. Dont you love those fluke nights of 8 hours of straight sleep! I do! He is getting so big and too cute.

  3. I love seeing how they grow and so quickly, isn't it? Soooo cute.