Kris Allen Day

A local boy named Kris Allen has made it to the top three contestants on a popular television program called "American Idol". As a reward for making it to this stage of the competition, he is allowed to go visit his hometown and be honored for a day. I went to this such event. I was off of work that day so Jake and I went with my friend Sarah and her 5 year old niece.
We decided that, since so many people here are fans of this Kris Allen kid and would want to show up to this event, we would park on the opposite side of the river of where he was performing and walk across the pedestrian bridge directly to his location. Well, after a not-long-but-not-short walk to said bridge and after starting to cross it, we were told it was closed and we would have to take the next bridge down the river. Hmph. So after a not-long-but-very-long walk to the next bridge, across the bridge, back down to the pedestrian bridge's location, and Sarah's plastic flip-flop wearing niece proclaiming "I think this is the end of my life," we finally made it to the concert location.

On the side of the river we started on, we saw his ride. Not bad.

On the way across the bridge, we saw this "person" lying in the middle of this grassy area, hopefully still alive. It was about 112% humidity that day. Sarah's niece said "Today is not a good day for a nap."

The Chamber of Commerce is voting for Kris.

A lot of people showed up.

Jake loved it!

And me.

He sang three songs. And by "songs" I mean "minute and a half version of songs like they sing on the show."

After the show we went inside a nearby venue to eat. Jake liked the lights.

After our two mile walk to get from our car to the show, we decided to shell out the dollar and ride the trolley back over the river. Here you see Jake's first trolley ride and Sarah giving a T for trolley.


  1. Go Kris! I may have to vote tonight :) I'm glad you got to go. I thought about it but decided against dragging my crew out there.

  2. how fun! what an ordeal...