Did You Notice?

Did anyone else notice this Creepy Weird Guy in the audience at American Idol tonight? He was just sitting there motionless, not smiling and not clapping. They showed him more than once and it was weird enough for me to think that maybe he's some kind of marketing for a new show or movie? It was just too weird.
And for those of you dying to know who my Idol favorites are this year, since I have a complete lack of posts about the topic, they are as follows. My favorites are Allison, Adam, and Kris. I like Danny, but I'm just kind of over the hype about his greatness. Scott and Anoop are my least favorites and I don't really care for Matt either. I liked Lil a lot at the beginning and actually proclaimed her the winner, but she's just not doing that great, which is sad. So that's my opinion, for what it's worth, which I'm guessing is really not much. Go Allison, Adam and Kris!


  1. This guy is "The Observer" from Fringe. It came on last night.