Danger, Intrigue, and Magic

"This boy is doing more than just playing a video game. He has entered another world. A world of danger, intrigue and magic..."
This is great:

I love the point that they make (that I had never thought of) that their name is the Mario Brothers, so are their names Mario Mario and Luigi Mario? Some questions just have no answers.
Favorite line from "Mario Mission Control": "Have you ever been to the mansion that has the eyeball in it?"
ALSO... Those two "secret" things I've done and/or heard of... the one with the beanstalk to the sky is nearly impossible to do without falling in the pit. I've always heard of the other one to get 99 lives but believe it's impossible without being killed by the turtle-duck, or, as I have recently found out they are called by the boys playing Mario Kart Wii, Koopa Troopa.

Who are Mario and Luigi? They are us.


  1. i'm thinking they were talking about Zelda with the magic000(Leelah wrote that) sword. THere's a whole mess of Mullets in that video btw. I love that you took me back. Thank you!!!!000