A Little Advice

This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. I saw it on Boing Boing today via my Google Reader (greatest invention ever, by the way). It's some kid's list that somebody found of Ways to Be Cool. There are some really good ideas in here:

My favorites are "learn to speak European," ""Hollywood,"" online friendships," "eat more meat," and "hang out w/Steve." Although every one of them is an excellent idea.


  1. Classic!
    My favorite is "Ambercroombie & Flitch" - hahaha

    p.s. Wishing you & baby the best!

  2. How funny! I wonder what progress he's made at this point? Your nursery is very cute by the way!

  3. I definitely love Abercrombie and Flitch, but 'move to Williamsburg' has got to be the fast track to be cool.