Happy Football!

Well it was national Americans Watching Football and Eating Too Much Day. We had a Sunday School watch party for that football game that was on and we were all supposed to bring a snack or dessert. I saw these super cute football truffles on this great site I've found, Bakerella. They looked easy enough.
Advice: Be sure to read the package for the dipping chocolate, because you MAY add milk (instead of the recommended Crisco) to make the chocolate thinner and end up with a solid mass of chocolate on the stove and have to go to Walmart at 9:00 at night to get more since the first batch was ruined. I'm just saying. It's something you might do. Not me of course.

The little balls of poo before they were decorated.

The one that came out the best.

Plate #1 of 2 full of footballs.

Aren't they cute? Not as good as hers but still cute.

They were very popular.


  1. what!?!?!! Way to show us up Ashley! GEEZ! Those were super cute. Loved the story of the chocolate mass!

  2. that is so cute! the blog looks awesome too! xoxo

  3. LOVED the football chocolates! They were so good and Ethan & I couldn't stop eating them! Such a cute idea!

  4. Well, I am sure regretting not getting to sample one, two, or three of those pieces of chocolaty goodness. Great decorating job! Even though they were difficult, I can see that recipe coming in handy in the future.

  5. How cute!! Great job - hate we missed it!