And I Was Showered Again

Two weeks ago (yeah, I'm late in doing this) I had my shower here in Little Rock. Eight fantastic girls from my Sunday School class put it all together and we had a great time. (And to those girls: It was great and I still have your partially assembled hostess gifts in my kitchen. I will hopefully get those to you before the birth of the baby!) Anyway... here are the pictures. I did a horrible job documenting this, including not taking any pictures of anyone from my Sunday School class. Sorry everyone. I'll try to do better in the future.

The dinner spread and adorable decor.

The Jake Cake

Clothesline of cuteness!

Personalized burp cloths!

There were diaper cakes everywhere!

My mom came in for the shower!

Probably the weirdest picture ever - with two of my friends I taught with in Texarkana.

I guess this outfit was really really funny.

Who doesn't love a lion on the booty?

I heart personalized stuff!

Of course Sarah took a self-portrait of us.

And this message was left on the fridge for us. Thanks Mimi! (The shower was at Jon's mom's house.)

Back home... the diapers and diaper bag stuff.

The useful stuff.

The fun and cute stuff.

THE CLOTHES! And I was worried about the kid being naked.

And the brainwashing gifts from my mom. I LOVE the overalls!


  1. What a great shower! I'd have loved to have been there for and with you. Jake is one fortunate boy and he doesn't even know it yet.

  2. looook at all those clothes!!!