6 Days and Counting...

I really wanted Post 300 to be "Hey! We're headed to the hospital!" but ol' baby's still hanging out and happy where he is, so I'll post about the finally-finished nursery!

This is what the people who lived in the house before us had the room looking like. It looks very crowded.

When we moved in, the room became Room of Boxes That Haven't Been Emptied Yet.

The lovely purple wall and fantastic wallpaper border they left us with.

Jon took down the border and primed the wall. Jon's dad Gary came over and they painted the room green. Another day, as seen in this picture, the three of us put the crib together.

And here is the finished product. The rug will probably not stay there, but it works for now.
We have been so lucky to not really have to buy anything for the nursery. Jon's parents and sister and brother-in-law Candice and Wes bought us the crib and my parents got us the bedding/curtains. Lots of other people bought us all of the accessories.

I didn't know what to do with the quilt that came with the bedding, so I thought it would work well to decorate this giant empty wall. The place where the swing is will eventually hold a glider/rocker for us to sit with the baby.

My parents got us the dresser that's holding all of his clothes and stuff. And look! There are all of the diaper cakes! That little book shelf on the side was going to hold those cool cloth drawers for his toys and stuff. However, even though the picture on the box showed the drawers, they didn't fit so it's now holding toys and books. Still works.

So. Pregnancy Progress? The last three weeks at my doctor's visit he told me I was 1 centimeter dilated and none effaced. This week he was generous enough to tell me that I'm... ready... 1 1/2 centimeters! Whatever. I know it has no bearing on when the baby's actually coming. I'm still having contractions every 10 minutes or so, just like I have for the past two months. I do feel more of them now. Before it was just that I would feel them occasionally and just know the others were happening from touching the belly. Now I'm feeling most of them, but they still don't hurt, unfortunately.
Everything's pretty much ready, most especially me. If I'm not in excruciating pain or whatever, I'll try to get on here really quick before we go to the hospital to let you know that we're going. When Jon was in the hospital last spring, blogger was blocked on the hospital's internet, so I may not be able to post until we come home. I'll do what I can! Hopefully next time you hear from me will be on the way to the hospital! (Except there are a few things un-baby-related I'd like to post about before then, so maybe not.)


  1. I can't wait to hear that Jake is here! I am sad that I won't be able to run up to the hospital the minute I get a text announcing his soon-to-be-arrival!

  2. Your nursery looks so good...baby Jake will love it for sure!

  3. nice job ashley on the nursery! hope baby jake gets here pretty soon,i'm sure you are ready!

  4. I think I had that picture of the woman in a rocking chair...what do the words say?

  5. Thanks y'all! Pam, that was something that my mom made when I was born. It's a poem about taking care of babies because "babies don't keep."

  6. Your nursery looks fantastic! Congrats. :)

  7. Everything looks so nice. All you need is Jake to complete the picture. You did such a wonderful job!

    mimi and pop