Two Stories

1st Story:
I have a friend from church, Angie, who will be "substituting" for me at work while I'm out with the baby. The family had her over yesterday to meet her and everything. I had this conversation with C today after school:
Me: Did y'all meet Angie yesterday?
C: Yeah.
Me: Did you like her?
C: Yeah. She looks older than you.
Me: Well, I think she's like 30, so yeah she could look older than me.
C: You look like you're 18.
Me: I look like a pregnant teenager?
C: No, a tubby teenager.
Me: Great.

2nd Story:
So I have this bear that I got for a Christmas present a couple of years ago. It's the one featured in Jack: The Calendar: January -
I still have it out because I still have out decorations that can be classified as "Winter" and not "Christmas". So a few minutes ago I was putting laundry in the washer, Jack was sitting on the couch, and Jon was in the bedroom. Suddenly I heard something in the living room playing Jingle Bells. I walked in there to find out Haunted Winter Bear had started playing the song on its own. I didn't even know it played music! Weird and weird. The End.


  1. we had this stuffed monkey in college that made shrieking noises (i guess they were supposed to be monkey noises)- and it was creepy, so we put it in the closet. it continued to make the noises from in there- it was weird! stuffed animals are really alive, i just know it.

  2. That is so funny\creepy!
    Darby DeBusk