That Crazy Cat

I don't like cats. The boss family's cat is crazy. Not mean crazy, just crazy. I've posted about her before. She's alright in the scope of cat world - not one of the psycho ones. Here are a few pictures I've taken of that crazy cat.

One day she was sitting at the window and had a little friend sitting next to her. Her little friend was pretty much dead, probably due to something she did to it, but the way they were sitting was really funny.

I've showed this one before, but the cat loves my shoes. She sits on top of them all of the time. One time she seemed to want to wear them.

She also sits in the sink a lot. That's the only time I ever touch her - to get her out of the sink. (I'm allergic to cats.)

She also often sits in a way that looks like she has no legs. It's funny every time. It's the blob cat.

I feel sorry for her sometimes, but she's not a bad cat.


  1. That's hilarious! I like the dead friend shot. And the blob kitty.