It's Been Too Long (Part 2)

Continuing the catch up on Funny Things, here's part 2. There will be a part 3 at some point.

I wonder if this person is friends with this person I saw another day.

That is a really long title of something you can be a member of.

So what in the world is this door used for?

I wanna be one of those!

Extremely creepy dog with extremely disproportionate head hanging in Petsmart.

I knew "Ladies" was the plural of "Lady" but is "Mens" the plural of the already pluralized "Men"?

Excuse me?

But I wear my mask everywhere!

There are two of these people driving around Little Rock. The other one is HYM8NCE. I'm confused for a few seconds every time.

That's one way to get the votes! (That was 6:30 in the morning the day before the election.)

That is the largest Inflatable Purple Triceratops Telling Me To Go To A Church Carnival that I've ever seen. (Told you these were old pictures.)

Giant Mystery Box Driving Down The Freeway #1

Like cowboys? Or pants? Or that restaurant?

I'm pro-choice on bumper stickers.

In case you didn't know how to use hand sanitizer (or hanitizer as one of my 4th graders used to call it).

Lots of rules for the petting zoo at the fair. I like how "chronically ill" and "pregnant" are in the same category.

Watch out for that Canadian catfish! It'll get you every time!

And I wonder if this person is friends with this person I saw another day.

Apparently they were having a meeting of the Drivers of Black Suburbans Club at Walmart that day.


Don't drink and test your strength. Or use the mallet for other things. Be sure to look at the little cartoon drawings. The one on the left in the group on the right side (eh?) is funniest.

I saw a commercial for these crazy expensive weird Dyson hand driers once and wondered who in the world would buy them. Apparently the answer is Playtime Pizza in Little Rock.


Giant Mystery Box Driving Down The Freeway #2

I saw this Greatest DVD Ever at a consignment sale and am still wondering now why I didn't buy it.

I was not aware that Kroger was a verb. Now I know.

Follow up questions: How handy? Handy with what?

Do you think they'd come get our neighbor's dog? He's definitely a nuisance.

This changing table is for squids with human heads whose right arm is a baby's torso and head.

At least they're admitting it. ("SINNED")


  1. So funny! Love your perspective on life.

  2. Those are great. Every once in a while I see something and think "Ashley would appreciate this". I really like the no masks and hoods sign. I'm thinking that whoever is wearing a mask & hood into a gas station is probably not going to care too much about that sign!

  3. Okay, after all that greatness, I just have to ask: Did you use the Dyson hand dryer? Because I've only seen that kind in England, and it was AWESOME. I want them everywhere. My experience abroad has made me become moderately obsessive about hand dryer in the States. :)

  4. Everytime you do a post like this, I just crack up! Always gives me a good laugh! Keep them coming!

  5. Okay...are these all things you notice? You are very observant. Oh...and my dad used one of those Dyson hand driers in London and he said it worked better than the cheap paper towels. I wouldn't mind if every place splurged and got one. :)

  6. FYI, those Dyson hand dryers are AWESOME. I used one a couple weeks ago and you pull our hands out of is slowly and they are dry! Amazing! And it doesnt make the bathroom into a wind tunnel--highly recommended.

  7. I thought about your pictures today when I was reading some TX laws and the document had a page that said "This page purposely left blank." I think some of the people making signs you see are making laws here in TX.--Dirk

    Kathy wrote the above comment. She has told me about those hand dryers several times. I don't ever remember seeing one. Are they for women's restrooms only?

  8. I saw those hand dryers at a place where I took the boys I take care of and they said they were in the boys bathroom too.