Christmas Fun!

I decided to have another Christmas party at the job house like I did last year. We had the girls from my Sunday School class and their kids over. We decorated my homemade gingerbread men and watched some of the old Christmas classics (Rudolph and Frosty). Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

My pre-made gingerbread man on the cookie plate.

The decorating options.

D is ready for everyone to come!

We also had hot chocolate.
And now a montage of little hands decorating cookies...

Sweet Kaleigh decorating while Ethan watched.

D with his finished cookie.

Alyssa Kate and her cookie.

D enjoying his cookie.

Hannah and her crew with their cookies.

D folded into a pretzel while watching the movie.

Hannah during the movie.

Candice, Alyssa Kate, and Caroline watching the movies.

Look at that big girl standing!

And last night we had our Sunday School class Christmas party at our directors' house. It was a lot of fun, but I only took one picture all night.
And technically I didn't take it:


  1. i'm sorry about your neighbors. You may need to soundproof the baby's room. :)

    Your party looked like fun.

    And does anyone notice that there's a girl in the back row that is standing directly behind someone? Who is she, and what is she afraid of?

  2. Fun times!! Even the little kids did such a good job on their cookies. Hated we missed the SS party. It's always so much fun. Your niece is gorgeous!

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