Last Bit of Halloween

On Halloween night our church had its first annual GS Fest. (Our church's name is Geyer Springs... thus the GS.) The state fair ended a couple of weeks ago and they managed to get about ten of their rides and three (that I saw) of their carnival games and set them up in the church parking lot. There were also a bunch of those giant inflatable obstacle courses and slides, as well as a petting zoo, food trailers with corn dogs and funnel cake, Radio Disney people, and a bunch more. It was crazy and over 5,000 people came. (They haven't figured out the estimated total yet.) Anyway, I signed up to work from 8-10pm, but got there early to take pictures of the fun. As I was leaving the house, I was wondering how long my camera battery would last since it seemed like it had been a while since charging it. At least I had my spare battery though!
So I headed off and started in the preschool section. I took three pictures and POOF the battery died. That's alright. I had my spare. Oh. It was dead too. One of the three pictures came out pretty cool. This is it:

Those super fun swings that I love.

While working at my station, Candice and Wes brought by the cutest nieces ever.
They were Mary and her lamb.

Alyssa Kate is now (over) 2 1/2 years old.

Caroline is 4 1/2 months old.

The last thing about Halloween is that I love the cute decorations that are out each year. (Nothing scary, thank you very much.) Here are my favorite things that I have around the house.

Seasonal hand towels for the kitchen!

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Things on sticks that are hard to find somewhere to put.

I love Snoopy.

My two favorite little stuffed guys that I have around.

My mom got me these amazing ornaments from Hallmark this year that were just out for Halloween. She managed to convince the store employee to give her the set that she had set back for herself, since each store only received about five sets of the ornaments. It pays for my mom to spend so much on Christmas ornaments at that particular store every year and to know the employees. Thanks mom!
And that big pumpkin in the background? Actually a piece of soap. My BFF/college roommate Erin's mom would give us gift bags from the shop that she works in for different holidays during college. One year that delicious smelling soap was in the bag, but I can't bear to use it, so it's a great decoration every year. Thanks, Erin's mom!

Bathroom decorations. Have I mentioned I like Snoopy?

The pumpkin that I started to paint for my bathroom for the fall. I never went back and painted on the polka dots (and if you notice, actually didn't paint the bottom either). But I'm glad I didn't, because as you can see by this picture, it's starting to rot after only two weeks. Sad times. Hopefully the big one that I bought to do what I did last year won't rot. That guy has to last through January!


  1. Oh my gosh what a great idea for the girls to do Mary and her Lamb! That's creative and they look adorable!! Glad you enjoyed your Halloween.